Prepared for Kenya? Not really.

Vaccines and pills? When you travel in Africa, there are some things that you need to be aware about. One of these things are the vaccines. There are a lot of them recommended when travelling in Africa. But I didn’t get any except “yellow fever”. Well, apparently I was not the most prepared traveler.   […]

Problems with a rental car in Africa

When you use rent-a-car services in a foreign country it is expected to have some problems and you should be more careful. Always ask the agency about equipment, emergency contacts, technical support, gas stations and different scenarios. We didn’t ask a lot of questions because we were in a hurry to meet our adventures. Well, […]

6 Burning Man experiences that will make you fall in love

    Wake up in the desert   It’s the first morning after our arrival at the dessert.   I open my eyes and go out of the tent quickly, eager to check what is out there.   Endless desert and blue sky. I’m sure the huge golden sun is looking right towards me. Campers […]

Enjoyment kit for your first Burning Man

  It was a hot summer evening 2 years ago. My boyfriend Slav was getting his luggage done. In a couple of days he would fly to San Francisco. And from there – straight to Burning Man. We watched youtube videos from the desert until 2 am and I just couldn’t get any sleep after. […]